About Switch


Switch by Timbre X is not your typical Mandarin-pop live house and god forbid, never, ever mix us up as a karaoke bar either!

Like any Singaporean, we pride ourselves on our ability to switch and converse between our national language of English and our mother tongue. Some of us may have difficulties reading in our native language but we sure can swear perfectly well with it.

But all of this doesn’t matter because this is a live music venue by Timbre X. And at any Timbre X venues, you can expect good music and quality live performances on stage.

Switch is for the closeted Mandarin-pop fans who refuse to queue up for hours to meet your idols, refuse to wave your glow stick in the dark at gigs and will not give into the argument that one language-genre of music is more superior to the other.

Nor does Switch want to alienate those who are more adequate trading puns in English, more comfortable reading off an English menu and know that Mumford & Sons are a band, and not tailors.

Step into the light. Switch is for you.

Above really translates to: 
Switch is a bilingual Mandarin and English live music venue and restaurant-bar by Timbre Group, located in the arts and heritage district of Bras Basah. The venue sets the stage for the best up-and-coming Singaporean musicians proficient in Mandarin and English pop-rock and sees live performances nightly; from an intimate 3-piece duo to a full 7-piece band rocking out on stage on weekend nights. Not just a place for live music and drinks, Switch serves up a menu incorporating the best of what Timbre X has to offer in tapas and pizzas; and teases with some crazy Asian-inspired dishes.


Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.